Back To School – Summer Updates…

Hello and a very warm welcome to our Summer Updates page!

We understand how important it is to you that you are kept up to date with the progress of your order. As much as we’d love to keep each person updated individually it is unfortunately not always practical, especially in Summer! So this year we thought we’d try something new; we will be posting a general overview of our progress here regularly. We work in groups which may not always seem to make sense but we promise, they do!

Some weeks will of course be more productive than others. Some weeks might even look like we haven’t achieved much, others we will have made rapid progress. We have lots of variables so please don’t worry. We will still contact every person individually once your order has progressed to a certain point. Please don’t worry if for example your friend has heard from us but you haven’t or if we’ve gone past your number / date, it most likely means you have something on your order that we are still waiting for, or they placed their order a little earlier.

Please wait to hear from us about your particular order. We hope this page might help ease some of the natural worries this time of year can bring, especially for your children, and provide information that you will find helpful as we head towards ‘Back to School 2021’ together.

September 2021

Thank you to all of our customers – we hope your children are settling in to their new schools well.

There will be no further updates on this page until Summer 2022.

If you need any help at all please call in (no appointment necessary). We are back to our standard (non-Summer) opening hours now which are:

Monday 9.15 – 5.00

Tuesday 9.15 – 7.00

Thursday 9.15 – 7.00

Friday 9.15 – 5.00